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The Albert Strange Association Meet, Summer 2016

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1.jpgFirst Sight of Charm

2.jpgCharm and Elegance

3.jpgThe Gaff Rig

4.jpgRussell Read

5.jpgMeet The Crew

6.jpgThe Skipper

7.jpgGalatea and Rose of Arden

8.jpgUnder Full Sail

9.jpgBagging A Buoy

A.jpgPeter Clay

B.jpgHugh Browton

C.jpgOn The Menu Tonight

D.jpgMartin Hansen

E.jpgThe Meet Of One Boat


G.jpgFelixstowe Ahead

H.jpgWorking The Sails

I.jpgAhoy, Galatea

J.jpgThe Wow Factor

K.jpgFirefly Sail By

L.jpgA Gradeful U-Turn

M.jpgFamily Boat Since 1934

N.jpgBack Down The Orwell

O.jpgView From Down Below

P.jpgOnce More To Sea

Q.jpgCharm's Crew At Work

R.jpgA Terrific Sailing Area

S.jpgCharmina Out and About

T.jpgCharmina Intercepts Charm

U.jpgVoyage's End

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